litigation-fred-grady-associatesLegal disputes are not uncommon, but compromises can often be difficult to reach. In certain cases in which one party feels that they have exhausted all of their other options, it may be necessary to take the case to court to settle the matter through litigation.

The experienced litigators at Fred W. Grady & Associates handle a wide variety of these types of cases for several different types of clients. These disputes may involve individuals or companies, but either type of party will want to make sure that they are represented by a lawyer who understands the litigation process and knows how to best prepare to take a case to trial.

Some of the most common matters that are resolved through litigation include, but are not limited to disputes involving:

  • Business Agreements
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Wrongful Death

Proven Porter County, IN Litigation Lawyers

Litigation can be a very lengthy process that may last several years. Attorneys will need to conduct thorough investigations of these cases before filing a lawsuit and discussing possible settlements with the other side. While many of these cases are settled before going to trial, any individual considering litigation will want to make sure that he or she hires legal counsel that is committed to getting the best possible outcome for his or her particular case.

Fred W. Grady & Associates are skilled litigators who work to exceed the expectations of our clients. We represent clients in Porter County, IN as well as nearby areas like Lake County, Elkhart County, Starke County, St. Joseph County, and LaPorte County. If you are currently considering litigation to resolve your own dispute, contact Fred W. Grady & Associates right now to arrange a free consultation that will let our firm review your case and discuss your legal options.